Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Therapy Dog Tooth Jacquard Dress • House of Fraser

Hello everybody! Today I'm coming at you with a review from one of my favourite companies - you guessed it, House of Fraser! Today I'll be talking about my new Therapy Dog Tooth Jacquard Dress. 

With a navy blue and black Dog Tooth pattern, the Therapy Jacquard dress is ideal for the office. But the real beauty of this dress lies in it's versatility. Add some sparkling jewellery and a pair of heels to this little number, and you're good for a night out!

The dress itself is true to size (which I know can be such a pain when it comes to purchasing dresses and they're not of true size). I feel this dress is a little big on me, but I already knew I was one or two dress sizes smaller than the one this was available in - which shows that with Therapy dresses, you can't seem to go too wrong with your dress size. They don't come up too big or too small. If you're really struggling, I'd say these dresses do sway a little more towards the larger end of the size.

In the first photograph, I've paired the dress with a little black cardigan and some flat dolly shoes for a more comfortable, relaxed, casual vibe. The dress can also be paired with skin tone tights and a grey jumper. Because of the dress' subtle pattern, it gives you the option to cover the top half (with a cardigan or your coat) and give the impression of a stylish skirt.

In the second photograph, I've added delicate gold and cream jewellery to give the dress a pop of bright, uplifting colour, and also put on a pair of classic black heels. Because the dress is subtle, I didn't want to take away from it with too many colours and bold heels, it's always best to play it safe when you're experimenting with patterned dresses.

This dress is wonderfully comfortable, and thicker than your usual flowy, airy dresses all in preparation for Winter - the colours and tones of this dress draw Autumn in to a close. If you like the look of this dress, be sure to check out the House of Fraser Therapy dresses online here and have a look through all of their lovely new styles!

See you soon my lovelies!