Monday, 16 September 2013

Spring & Summer 2014

"Which season is your favourite?" - Oh no, not "that" question. Have I ever been able to answer it? No. Because come on, how can you decide between crisping up on a beach in Ibiza with your gorgeous one-piece costume, big sunnies and a yummy cocktail, and snuggling up in a big knitted jumper with a cup of tea and and a good film?

When push comes to shove, I've always settled on Winter being my favourite season (perhaps because this comes with the promise of the occasional duvet day). Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my excitement for Winter, that I start to wish Spring and Summer away. But no more.

Autumn/Winter is fast approaching here in England, and don't we know it! We've had such a fabulous Summer, and I think we're all a bit sad to see it go. So let's take a moment to remember the amazing fashion trends and bold statements that came hand-in-hand with the glorious sunshine and, more importantly, let's get all excited about what Spring/Summer 2014 has to offer. (There are definitely a few trends I think are strong enough to be sticking around long enough to see next year).

(Blink Brow Bar)

Now if London Fashion Week is anything to go by, we'll be seeing lots of new styles flooding into our high streets and designer names. Burberry do a superb job of highlighting the introduction of pastel shades to our, currently, quite bright summer style taste. Burberry have also predicted patterns to make a huge comeback, as shown by gorg Burberry models, (including Cara Delevingne) below.


By absolutely no means are we waving goodbye to the glitter and neons that we have held so dear throughout Spring/Summer 2013, but the addition of more neutral tones certainly give us a lovely balance. 

Christopher Kane's collection also confirms this (drastic, but super duper) trend heading our way for 2014. We're definitely seeing some calmer tones with pops of brighter shades, patterns, prints, and a bit of texture here.

(Fashion Me Fabulous)

So what are we expecting for Spring/Summer 2014? In short? A gradual transition from our current, rather 1990's-inspired style. But how do we prepare for it? Great news. We've got all Autumn/Winter to deal with that. But here are five simple tips on how to make sure you're ready for it!

1) Keep hold of pale summer dresses/tees, especially if they are patterned! This will add some depth to your outfit and jazz up the use of such simple colours.

1. Cutout Back Lace Overlay Dress, Yesstyle, £15.05 (buy here)

2) Look at the big picture. We've all seen them (and some of us have even had them bestowed upon us), the "ugly sweater". But worry no longer! Those slightly-too-big-for-you, funny-coloured, high-necked, big-picture-of-an-animal-centre-front jumpers have spring-boarded their way into 2014. Be ashamed no longer, and if you haven't got one already, treat yourself! They're seriously cute, and 2014-you will thank you for it! If the "animal thing" isn't really your cup of tea, then try out just a patterned front.

2. Brave Soul Cream Tiger Print Jumper, New Look, £19.99 (buy here) //
3. Parisian Cream Vintage Rose Print Jumper, New Look, £27.99 (buy here)

3) Prints, prints, prints! As neutral colours are looking to be our staple for 2014, we're going to need to experiment, and this means with patterns, textures and, of course, prints! Here we have a gorgeous V-Neck print baggy tee perfect to pair with some bright nails, jeans, accessories or sandals.

3. The V-Neck Printed Cotton Jersey T-Shirt, Current/Elliot, The Outnet, £50 (buy here)

4) Sandals are looking to be a big thing next year (not that they weren't this year, of course). As Burberry so wonderfully showcased, this is definitely an opportunity to add that stand-out colour to your outfit. As an example here, I've chosen some seriously cute pink Missguided Roman Sandals (also available in orange). Don't worry if you're not into wearing bright footwear, there are loads of other opportunities to add some colour to your look.

Catelyn Suede Cross Over Sandals in Neon Pink, Missguided, £20.99 (buy here)

5) As a follow on from number 4, don't chuck out that gorgeous neon polish, don't forget, you're going to need some stand-out colours, and if you're not really into wearing bright and bold clothing, then bright nail polish is probably more for you. It would be too much of a shame to chuck any nail polish out (I struggle even with my oldest polishes) for next year's trends, I personally recommend NEON by American Apparel.

So there we have it, my Spring/Summer 2014 predicitions based on what London Fashion Week has already teased us with! Remember, 2013 will have finished - not vanished! I think Spring/Summer next year promises to use the bright colours introduced this year in conjunction with some cooler, neutral shades polished off with some classic patterns and textures. I'm totally exciting about trying out these new trends and seeing what fun experiments I can have with old and new. Summer, to me, means a chance to explore colour combos, dress brightly, freshly and comfortably, and I think Spring/Summer style 2014 is definitely a fantastic opportunity to see what I can do. I'm hoping you're feeling pumped and inspired too!

This post has been submitted for Company Magazine's 'The Company Academy in association with Veet'.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Splash of Colour

1. Anardana, Azalea Pink // 2. Ratin Jot, Orchid Purple // 3. Amchoor, Bright Yellow // 4. Kutki, Powder Blue // 5. Kollary, Cyan Blue // 6. Lal Mirchi, Mandarin Red // 7. Ecume, White. NARS Nail Polish approx. £14 each.
Monochrome is really in this season, so make your nails pop with some bright colours this summer - so simple and effective. Pull this look off by pairing your chosen polish with some matching sandals or accessories! I'm personally loving yellow and white lately. Handy Tip: if you have green or blue eyes, give some bright and cool greens or blues on your nails a try.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Topical Tropical

1. T by Alexander Wang Jersey T-Shirt Dress, Net-a-Porter, £79 // 2. Carrington Vintage Sunglasses, MOSCOT Eyewear and Eyecare, £45 // 3. Breath of God Solid Perfume, Lush USA, £6.65 // 4. Philosophy Coconut Frosting Body Butter, Philosophy, £13 // 5. Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in Red, Liberty London, £19 // 6. Samudra Maili Clutch, FarFetch, £54 // 7. HANNA Flatform Sandals, TopShop, £32.
I think it's finally safe to say summer is here! And what a scorcher it's been so far. Britain has truly come under heatwave these past few days. I have to say, it felt pretty good to put away my (slightly beloved) jumpers and go shopping for some new shorts and loose t-shirts, but it can be really difficult to stay and look cool at the same time. (Not that I ever look "cool") but here I've put together a tropical-themed summery outfit that is bound to aid in feeling cooler this summer, while also looking pretty good too. Although most of the items I've picked out are runway prices, these are so easy to find on the high street because they're such simple designs!

First of all I've picked out a black baggy tee from Net-a-Porter. Okay, this is definitely designer, but again it's so easy to find on the high street for a purse-friendly alternative. I know what you're thinking - black absorbs heat. And sure, I'll give you that one, but as this tee substitutes for a dress, it's so baggy and loose that you'll barely notice. This black also gives a bit of solidity to the outfit, as I've paired it with whites and much lighter tones.

My second choice is a pair of (rather John Lennon-esque) sunglasses. Round-lens glasses are coming back into fashion in full force this summer, and you can pick them up in all sorts of clothes/accessory stores. Love these as they match perfectly with the loose tee!

My third pick is solid perfume (that can be found in Lush stores). All my life I've used liquid perfumes, so I was totally intrigued when I spotted this. After all, who wants runny/sticky perfume on hot summery days? Pop a bit of this on your wrists and neck and you're good to go - without the need to catch it before it runs down your arms or stick around and wait for it to dry! Such a unique idea.

Fourth is a great body butter. These are so lovely to use after showers/baths, a definite go-to product to keep your skin from getting dehydrated in the heat, and so many different scents available!

My fifth choice is a bright, popping lipstick. I've only recently decided to start experimenting with bright colours on my lips (I have Cupid's Bow lips, and although I like the shape of them, I tend to keep the attention on my eyes rather than my lips). Any time I've ever thought of using bright colours on them, I very quickly change my mind and retire to soft pinks and clear lip balms. However, I tried a red lipstick recently and love it! (I'm still working up the courage to wear it publicly and pull it off as well as many of you do!) Any lipstick that applies like a lip butter is a big YES in my book, so this Shu Uemura lipstick is ticking all of the boxes for me. This lipstick will add a gorgeous pop to a monochrome outfit, but if you're not ready for red, opt for a warmer pink/burgundy shade or a coral/orange for a fresh look.

Sixth is a fresh and funky clutch, because who can be bothered with handbags with straps rubbing your shoulders when it's so hot outside? This choice is a tad on the expensive side, but these can be found anywhere! Or alternatively, if you're really creative, you could make your own!

Finally, my seventh choice is a pair of clean white flatforms. Since flatforms came back into fashion, I've been absolutely in love with them and their versatility. I love their chunky simplicity, and sandals are perfect in the sunshine! If these aren't your thing, then be sure to check out some white converse!

I hope you've enjoyed today's post! If not then I do hope it's somehow inspired you for outfits this summer! How are you coping with the heatwave?

The British Trend is Back!

Hello? Is this thing on? I suppose I ought to begin with an apology! I've been absent from the world of blogging for a while since I've been focusing on my degree at university and I've just graduated (so now I'll have plenty of time for blogging, and I'll try not to let moving to Hertforshire get in the way too much!)

I've really missed updating The British Trend, but while I had my dissertation going on, it was really difficult to balance time, as each post was taking an awfully long time to create, put together and actually post. So, I've given The British Trend a bit of a revamp and redesign! This layout will hopefully be much more clean and easy for you guys to read, so I hope you like it!

I hope you're all having a really lovely summer, and keep your eyes open on here this evening for the first new blog post!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Top Spot of the Week • OASIS Millie Skater Skirt

OASIS, Millie Skater Skirt, £35 (buy here)

For this week's Top Spot, I've chosen this gorgeous navy blue Millie Skater Skirt from Oasis. This caught my eye due to its unique, vintage style (not to mention it's such a versatile colour and the brown belt to match is so cute!)
Regretfully, we're still not quite into our summer wardrobes just yet, but this skirt (or those similar) paired with some black tights will work wonders for both a fashionable statements and keeping yourself warm (I recommend somewhere along the lines of 15 denier tights. I used to avoid this thickness, however lately I've totally warmed up to them! They'll also match beautifully with this vintage skirt)

This Millie Skater Skirt would look lovely paired with a white collar shirt, a matching (in this case navy) cardigan and some (preferably) brown or tan Brogues shoes to intensify the colour of the belt, make it pop and bring the outfit together.

A vintage-themed Top Spot of the Week!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Week in Photos No.3

Pink Roses Billy got me for Valentine's Day / My lovely Wibbly Pig / Working hard all day!
Early morning trip to Sainsbury's / Gorgeous evening view from my bay window / My Yankee Candle Collection so far! (still waiting on Red Velvet to arrive though) / I bought 'Knocked Up' - such a funny film!
Another beautiful sky view from my bay window / Walking into town with Billy for our movie date /The tiniest cinema theatre known to man! Really cosy though!

Monday, 11 February 2013

High Street Disney • Miss Bianca

1. Dorothy Perkins, Ivory Textured Faux Fur Trim Coat, (on sale) £45 (buy here) 2. ModCloth, The Prettiest Pixie Dress, £76.86 (buy here) 3. Debenhams, Pearl and Crystal Clasp Collar Necklace, £15 (buy here) 4. Oliver Bonas, Pearl Wrap Around Bracelet, £19 (buy here) 5. New Look, White Crochet Lace Ankle Strap Court, £29.99 (buy here) 6. Butter London, Molly Coddled Nail Lacquer, £15 (buy here)
It's that time of week again! This week's High Street Disney is designed around a mouse - and I don't mean Minnie, Micky or even Mighty Mouse, I'm talking, of course, about Miss Bianca from 'The Rescuers'! I've decided on this cute little Disney character because her classic, delicate fashion sense is definitely something that caught my eye when I went searching through the Disney character archives.

First and foremost, Bianca is best known for her white-purple colour co-ordination and her taste for fluffy French-Russian inspired coats and cossacks. Although I've not included a cossack in the line-up today, I've found one that would look lovely with this outfit below if it's your taste!

Jane Norman, White Fauz Fur Cossack Hat, £18
(buy here)
As 'The Rescuers' is taken straight out of the 1977 set in a wintery New York, understandably coassacks and fur coats might not be everybody's cup of tea, but this outfit is totally versatile and looks just as pretty with or without these additions.
As we still seem to be in the dead of winter (just checked - it's currently 0° outside and has been snowing on and off all day!) I'm thinking Miss Bianca is a great character to focus on this week. Starting with number one, Dorothy Perkins' Ivory Textured Faux Fur Trim Coat. I've chosen this gorgeous Ivory coat mainly because of it's fur collar (very reminiscent of Miss Bianca!) and because I wanted just the right shade to pair with a lilac-tone purple dress.
Number two is a really pretty pixie dress, I saw this and new instantly that not only did it look amazing, but the colour was almost identical to that of Bianca's outfit.
As a classic touch on this Disney outfit, I've matched a pearl necklace and bracelet and a pair of lovely Lace Ankle Strap Court Shoes, and on closer view of these heels, I noticed the timeless lace pattern. This matches so well with the coat and also adds texture and character to the outfit as a whole.
To top the outfit off, I've chosen a lilac shade of Butter London Nail Lacquer to pair with the Pixie Dress. I love Butter London Nail Lacquer as there are so many different shades to choose from, and there's always a shade to match your outfit of choice.

So here it is, a classic, feminine outfit designed for evenings out or even weddings, with inspiration taken from Disney's Miss Bianca.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Week in Photos No.2

Swans take over Worcester / Billy and me / Our Roast Chicken dinner / Totally addicted to Jaffa Cakes lately! / Blast from the past - my old metallic lava lamp out on show / My favourite childhood picture book 'Here Come Frog, Duck and Rabbit' for my studies in Children's Book Design class / This week's nails - Model's Own Becca's Brown nail polish / My best friends (who I haven't seen in far too long) and I ordered pizza for our sleepover! Margarita mmm... / We love pizza! / We had the brilliant idea of chocolate fondue with bananas, marshmallows, strawberries and grapes / All of us playing a scary game called 'Slender' / Topping off a great week by watching 'Bridesmaids' - one of the best films ever made!

Style This Saturday • Sloppy 1/2 Sleeve Sweat

1. TopShop, Sloppy 1/2 Sleeve Sweat, £18 (buy here) 2. Nelly, Only Basic/Live Long Leggings, £10.95 (buy here) 3. Tilly's, Fill Tilt Braided Stretch Headband, £6.11 (buy here) 4. Schuh, Women's Burgundy Converse All Star Hi Trainers, £45 (buy here)

Time for another Style This Saturday! And today I've chosen a Burgundy colour theme. Burgundy is one of my all-time favourite colours, and although it's a more Autumn/Winter shade, I love to wear it whenever I can, whether that's shoes, clothes, jewellery or nail polish.

Here I've teamed this dark berry burgundy tone with a clean, bright white so as to not let make the outfit too dark (especially if you have brunette/black hair). First of all, I love this sweat, it's great for days at college/university and is big enough to allow lots of movement, while also not being so heavy that it weighs you down. To match, I've chosen some white leggings, however white jeans would also look just as effective. I've opted for burgundy-white high top women's Converse, which match perfect with the theme and are really comfortable for those day's when you're on your feet for hours.

To top off the outfit, I've chosen a white braided headband. A white headscarf would look equally as lovely as it would bring out the white of the leggings and in the Converse even further.

So there we have it, a comfortable burgundy outfit for this week's Style This Saturday!

What's your go-to colour?

ASOS Satchel Bag With Scallop Trim And Buckles

ASOS, ASOS Satchel Bag With Scallop Trim And Buckles, £22 (buy here)
This afternoon I was in bedroom doing what I seem to do every day - window shopping online. Most of the time this results in me either giving up to my card's plea of mercy and not purchasing anything, or, of course, caving and buying something I know I really shouldn't (being a student!)
So many times I've tried to justify my purchases even though I know I didn't necessarily need it. I guess admitting it is the first step to recovery, right? I think I can safely say I've banned myself from applying for a credit card, at least until I stop showing the same need to shop as Rebecca Bloomwood!

But it's times like this that little fashion monster deep within persuades me to grab my purse. I came across this satchel bag and couldn't take my eyes off it. I've always had a thing for vintage-style bags, especially in tan tones. I bought one for my first year of university and wore it down until I couldn't use it any more! But that was just an average, slightly cheaper version of the back-in-fashion classic.

This gorgeous satchel bag from ASOS stands out above other tan satchel bags as the size is a cross between a purse bag and a more heavy-duty style bag, making it totally versatile, and great for days out in town or for if you're a student with notepads etc to carry around.
But what I really love about this design is the scallop trim edging, I've never seen such a pretty satchel, especially for such an affordable price. I think it's going to be a little more difficult to cut back on purchases than anticipated!

What's your bag style?