Friday, 22 February 2013

Top Spot of the Week • OASIS Millie Skater Skirt

OASIS, Millie Skater Skirt, £35 (buy here)

For this week's Top Spot, I've chosen this gorgeous navy blue Millie Skater Skirt from Oasis. This caught my eye due to its unique, vintage style (not to mention it's such a versatile colour and the brown belt to match is so cute!)
Regretfully, we're still not quite into our summer wardrobes just yet, but this skirt (or those similar) paired with some black tights will work wonders for both a fashionable statements and keeping yourself warm (I recommend somewhere along the lines of 15 denier tights. I used to avoid this thickness, however lately I've totally warmed up to them! They'll also match beautifully with this vintage skirt)

This Millie Skater Skirt would look lovely paired with a white collar shirt, a matching (in this case navy) cardigan and some (preferably) brown or tan Brogues shoes to intensify the colour of the belt, make it pop and bring the outfit together.

A vintage-themed Top Spot of the Week!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Week in Photos No.3

Pink Roses Billy got me for Valentine's Day / My lovely Wibbly Pig / Working hard all day!
Early morning trip to Sainsbury's / Gorgeous evening view from my bay window / My Yankee Candle Collection so far! (still waiting on Red Velvet to arrive though) / I bought 'Knocked Up' - such a funny film!
Another beautiful sky view from my bay window / Walking into town with Billy for our movie date /The tiniest cinema theatre known to man! Really cosy though!

Monday, 11 February 2013

High Street Disney • Miss Bianca

1. Dorothy Perkins, Ivory Textured Faux Fur Trim Coat, (on sale) £45 (buy here) 2. ModCloth, The Prettiest Pixie Dress, £76.86 (buy here) 3. Debenhams, Pearl and Crystal Clasp Collar Necklace, £15 (buy here) 4. Oliver Bonas, Pearl Wrap Around Bracelet, £19 (buy here) 5. New Look, White Crochet Lace Ankle Strap Court, £29.99 (buy here) 6. Butter London, Molly Coddled Nail Lacquer, £15 (buy here)
It's that time of week again! This week's High Street Disney is designed around a mouse - and I don't mean Minnie, Micky or even Mighty Mouse, I'm talking, of course, about Miss Bianca from 'The Rescuers'! I've decided on this cute little Disney character because her classic, delicate fashion sense is definitely something that caught my eye when I went searching through the Disney character archives.

First and foremost, Bianca is best known for her white-purple colour co-ordination and her taste for fluffy French-Russian inspired coats and cossacks. Although I've not included a cossack in the line-up today, I've found one that would look lovely with this outfit below if it's your taste!

Jane Norman, White Fauz Fur Cossack Hat, £18
(buy here)
As 'The Rescuers' is taken straight out of the 1977 set in a wintery New York, understandably coassacks and fur coats might not be everybody's cup of tea, but this outfit is totally versatile and looks just as pretty with or without these additions.
As we still seem to be in the dead of winter (just checked - it's currently 0° outside and has been snowing on and off all day!) I'm thinking Miss Bianca is a great character to focus on this week. Starting with number one, Dorothy Perkins' Ivory Textured Faux Fur Trim Coat. I've chosen this gorgeous Ivory coat mainly because of it's fur collar (very reminiscent of Miss Bianca!) and because I wanted just the right shade to pair with a lilac-tone purple dress.
Number two is a really pretty pixie dress, I saw this and new instantly that not only did it look amazing, but the colour was almost identical to that of Bianca's outfit.
As a classic touch on this Disney outfit, I've matched a pearl necklace and bracelet and a pair of lovely Lace Ankle Strap Court Shoes, and on closer view of these heels, I noticed the timeless lace pattern. This matches so well with the coat and also adds texture and character to the outfit as a whole.
To top the outfit off, I've chosen a lilac shade of Butter London Nail Lacquer to pair with the Pixie Dress. I love Butter London Nail Lacquer as there are so many different shades to choose from, and there's always a shade to match your outfit of choice.

So here it is, a classic, feminine outfit designed for evenings out or even weddings, with inspiration taken from Disney's Miss Bianca.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Week in Photos No.2

Swans take over Worcester / Billy and me / Our Roast Chicken dinner / Totally addicted to Jaffa Cakes lately! / Blast from the past - my old metallic lava lamp out on show / My favourite childhood picture book 'Here Come Frog, Duck and Rabbit' for my studies in Children's Book Design class / This week's nails - Model's Own Becca's Brown nail polish / My best friends (who I haven't seen in far too long) and I ordered pizza for our sleepover! Margarita mmm... / We love pizza! / We had the brilliant idea of chocolate fondue with bananas, marshmallows, strawberries and grapes / All of us playing a scary game called 'Slender' / Topping off a great week by watching 'Bridesmaids' - one of the best films ever made!

Style This Saturday • Sloppy 1/2 Sleeve Sweat

1. TopShop, Sloppy 1/2 Sleeve Sweat, £18 (buy here) 2. Nelly, Only Basic/Live Long Leggings, £10.95 (buy here) 3. Tilly's, Fill Tilt Braided Stretch Headband, £6.11 (buy here) 4. Schuh, Women's Burgundy Converse All Star Hi Trainers, £45 (buy here)

Time for another Style This Saturday! And today I've chosen a Burgundy colour theme. Burgundy is one of my all-time favourite colours, and although it's a more Autumn/Winter shade, I love to wear it whenever I can, whether that's shoes, clothes, jewellery or nail polish.

Here I've teamed this dark berry burgundy tone with a clean, bright white so as to not let make the outfit too dark (especially if you have brunette/black hair). First of all, I love this sweat, it's great for days at college/university and is big enough to allow lots of movement, while also not being so heavy that it weighs you down. To match, I've chosen some white leggings, however white jeans would also look just as effective. I've opted for burgundy-white high top women's Converse, which match perfect with the theme and are really comfortable for those day's when you're on your feet for hours.

To top off the outfit, I've chosen a white braided headband. A white headscarf would look equally as lovely as it would bring out the white of the leggings and in the Converse even further.

So there we have it, a comfortable burgundy outfit for this week's Style This Saturday!

What's your go-to colour?

ASOS Satchel Bag With Scallop Trim And Buckles

ASOS, ASOS Satchel Bag With Scallop Trim And Buckles, £22 (buy here)
This afternoon I was in bedroom doing what I seem to do every day - window shopping online. Most of the time this results in me either giving up to my card's plea of mercy and not purchasing anything, or, of course, caving and buying something I know I really shouldn't (being a student!)
So many times I've tried to justify my purchases even though I know I didn't necessarily need it. I guess admitting it is the first step to recovery, right? I think I can safely say I've banned myself from applying for a credit card, at least until I stop showing the same need to shop as Rebecca Bloomwood!

But it's times like this that little fashion monster deep within persuades me to grab my purse. I came across this satchel bag and couldn't take my eyes off it. I've always had a thing for vintage-style bags, especially in tan tones. I bought one for my first year of university and wore it down until I couldn't use it any more! But that was just an average, slightly cheaper version of the back-in-fashion classic.

This gorgeous satchel bag from ASOS stands out above other tan satchel bags as the size is a cross between a purse bag and a more heavy-duty style bag, making it totally versatile, and great for days out in town or for if you're a student with notepads etc to carry around.
But what I really love about this design is the scallop trim edging, I've never seen such a pretty satchel, especially for such an affordable price. I think it's going to be a little more difficult to cut back on purchases than anticipated!

What's your bag style?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

February Wish List

1. TopShop, Casual Spot Chambray Shirt, £29 (buy here) 2. MAC Tinted Lipglass, Lust, £13.50 (buy here) 3. Glossybox, Full Price - £13, Subscriber - £10 (buy here) 4. River Island, Gold Tone Chunky Tube Ring Pack, £10 (buy here) 5. Debenhams, Converse White Chuck Taylor Ox Fashion Trainers, £45 (buy here)
As it's the beginning of the month (it's okay, we're still within the first week!) I thought I'd do a February Wish List. These are products that I've had my eye on lately and I'm definitely tempted by!

First up is the Casual shirt by TopShop, this looks so comfortable, versatile and perfect for springtime as it wouldn't get too hot or too cold. I'd wear this with some black leggings, big bracelets and fashion trainers.

Second we have the MAC Tinted Lipglass. It's my deepest regret to say that I don't own any MAC make-up products (I know!) but I've been after at least something for ages, I'm dying to try MAC! And when I found this shade (Lust) I fell in love. It's pigmented shine is long-lasting which, of course, is ideal. Once I get myself sorted and purchase this, I'll post a review!

Now third is one you might not recognise. I came across this via the gorgeous Anna Saccone (visit her blog here!) when she posted on Facebook about her Glossybox arriving in the mail. I looked it up and I was amazed, all you have to do sign up, select a subscription and order a Glossybox! They then send you a pretty box containing 5 of the latest beauty miniatures every month. Simple! I love this idea and can't wait to try it out. Here's a breakdown on how it works (available on their website):

Number four belongs to River Island's gorgeous and simplistic chunky rings. As a lover of chunky jewellery (for the most part) I was immediately drawn to these. I love taking care of my hands (being an artist it's super important!) I take pride in making sure my nails are painted nicely and I'm always wearing at least one ring of some description. In my opinion, the more rings the better! But... I'm not taking one on every finger! Chunky rings are always better to wear as a mix up between one or two chunky rings and a thin, more classic ring, or in close succession (for example on; Ring, Middle and Grooming finger) then perhaps a small ring on the other hand. Absolutely adore these rings and I'm definitely tempted to order them online as I type this!

My fifth selection are the classic white Converse trainers. At the moment, I own two pairs of Converse; one pair are white with red ladybirds on (I've had them since I was in school!) and one orange pair, which unfortunately don't really match with much, being, well... Orange. Not that I don't have a soft spot for them, I remember my parents asking which ones I wanted for my 15th (I think!) birthday, and those are the ones I chose. I do recall them asking me "Are you sure?" plenty of times...
Point of the matter is, how can you go wrong with a classic pair Converse? I find that black can be a little dark for me, so I've opted for white as I prefer them and they match with a lot more of my clothes, however I know that a lot of people prefer black Converse over white - this is totally classic too and is also a great look.

There we have it, my February Wish List! Who knows if I'll actually end up purchasing any of these items in the near future, but I certainly hope I will! If I do, then reviews are certainly on the cards. Hope you've enjoyed this month's Wish List!

What's on your February Wish List? 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Top Spot of the Week • Pam Knit Oversized Blue Jumper

Monki, Pam Knit Oversized Blue Jumper, £35 (buy here)

Top Spot of the Week is rightfully awarded to another big jumper. Okay, I promise next week will be different, but I have to be honest when I say that when I saw it, I had to award this with Top Spot this week. I'm already in love with it! As you're probably well aware by this point, I'm mad about anything oversized, and I live for comfort. So how could I pass this up?
Initially, it was the colour that had me drawn to this particular jumper - that subtle cross between a navy and cloudy blue, then I got caught up with the idea of wearing it! This jumper is great for a chilly day and would look lovely paired with a collared shirt, some black/brown boots, leggings and gold jewellery.

How would you style this Pam Knit Oversized Jumper?

Models Own • Review

My new nail polishes have finally arrived in the post, and I'm so excited! I was recently going through my nail polishes, and I've got such a mismatch collection, whether it's Rimmel, Avon or Barry M, I love them all, but my colours are quite dull by now, and I haven't bought any new nail polish in so long - I thought I'd stock up a little more on Models Own, as I absolutely love this brand.

1. Models Own, Becca's Brown, No.097, £5 (buy here) 2. Models Own, Nyla Nude, No.113, £5 (buy here) 3. Models Own, Pink Blush, No.037, £5 (buy here) - Buy 3 save £3!

Becca's Brown is one of the Models Own nail polishes that arrived in the post today - and it's absolutely gorgeous! I've always wanted a brown tone nail polish, as I'm brunette, brown polish would coordinate really nicely. This particular shade is so pretty, when I first applied it, it reminded me of a creamy chocolate ice-cream colour - a vintage tone with a pastel purple-y undertone in some lights. Although it sounds unusual, it's certainly unique and subtle. This is a colour that suits almost anything casual you decide to wear, especially if you're brunette. I found it easy to apply, as long as I applied it slowly and waited around 5-10 minutes between coats (I recommend only 2 coats). I rate this nail polish a solid 9/10.

I've had Nyla Nude Models Own nail polish now for around a year, so this is the older nail polish of the three (but is still available in stores such as Superdrug and Boots, and online). A nude shade nail polish is an absolute staple for my collection, it's ideal for those days you don't feel like a bright purple or a glitter polish, or for when you can't decide and just feel like using a subtle colour. It's such a versatile shade and definitely one I refer back to often. As for appliance, it's obviously the same as all of this brand! If I could change these products, I'd definitely adjust the brush to an easy-appliance brush. This nail polish scores a 8/10.

As far as pink nail polishes go, this Models Own Pink Blush polish is definitely up there with the elite. This polish (along with Becca's Brown) arrived in the post today, so despite my searching online to get a feel for exactly what shade of pink this would turn out to be, I wasn't 100% sure what to expect, although I had thought that it would sway more towards a lighter, pastel colour. It's still very pretty regardless, it's definitely a pop of colour and would stand out even with a single coat, however if you wanted to jazz this up even further, add a coat or two of clear glitter polish. This polish scores another 8/10

Here is an example of how my current nail polish, Becca's Brown looks once applied (Okay, I know, the quality of this photograph isn't fantastic) but this gives a bit more of a feel of how it looks. I definitely recommend all of these nail polishes, they're such pretty, unique and versatile shades - and I can't wait to expand my collection even further! Love them!

Monday, 4 February 2013

High Street Disney • Alice in Wonderland

So today marked the day that my final semester at university began, so I've been pretty busy with my work already, not to mention this is the first time I've been up before 9 since I went to Liverpool, so that alone was pretty difficult! Today I thought I'd take on another High Street Disney outfit design. I absolutely love designing these outfits, so here we go with our High Street Disney No.2!

1. Fashion Union, Blue Bandeau Peplum Dress, On Sale £21 (buy here) 2. AX Paris Cream Faux Suede Platform Shoe, £32.99 (buy here) 3. Lipsy, Lipsy Shimmer Flower Ring, £10 (buy here) 4. Vicenza, Debenhams, Cream Beaded Diamant Bow Alice Band, On Sale £6.40 (buy here)
Alice in Wonderland was one of my all time favourites when I was young (that being said, I can't think of a Disney film I wouldn't class as a favourite!) so here I've put together a simple evening outfit inspired by Alice and her little blue frock.

As you can probably tell, there's rather a difference between Alice's cute vintage pinny and this sparkly number. However, I've chosen this dress because it brings a contemporary, fun twist to the original - taking it out of 1951 and straight into 2013. I love this dress as I'm a big fan of anything with sparkles, however if glitter isn't for you, perhaps opt for an elegant clear royal blue.
Now don't worry, you don't need to walk around with a white apron on to keep this Disney-inspired, let's leave that to the real Alice. Here I've chosen some clean white platform heels with a matching-coloured hairband and ring (if heels aren't right for you, then this outfit would look just as lovely with some clean white flats).
Now I wouldn't feel right putting together an Alice outfit without the infamous hair bow, but here I've kept it small and sweet as a cute side hair band. I'm absolutely in love with the ring I've chosen out from Debenhams - this fits in perfectly with the theme and brings me right back to watching Alice singing with the flowers on a golden afternoon.

There we have it, an Alice in Wonderland inspired High Street Disney outfit. I'm loving the colours, and this was so simple to put together.

An effective evening outfit with a classic and simple Disney twist.