Saturday, 6 July 2013

Topical Tropical

1. T by Alexander Wang Jersey T-Shirt Dress, Net-a-Porter, £79 // 2. Carrington Vintage Sunglasses, MOSCOT Eyewear and Eyecare, £45 // 3. Breath of God Solid Perfume, Lush USA, £6.65 // 4. Philosophy Coconut Frosting Body Butter, Philosophy, £13 // 5. Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in Red, Liberty London, £19 // 6. Samudra Maili Clutch, FarFetch, £54 // 7. HANNA Flatform Sandals, TopShop, £32.
I think it's finally safe to say summer is here! And what a scorcher it's been so far. Britain has truly come under heatwave these past few days. I have to say, it felt pretty good to put away my (slightly beloved) jumpers and go shopping for some new shorts and loose t-shirts, but it can be really difficult to stay and look cool at the same time. (Not that I ever look "cool") but here I've put together a tropical-themed summery outfit that is bound to aid in feeling cooler this summer, while also looking pretty good too. Although most of the items I've picked out are runway prices, these are so easy to find on the high street because they're such simple designs!

First of all I've picked out a black baggy tee from Net-a-Porter. Okay, this is definitely designer, but again it's so easy to find on the high street for a purse-friendly alternative. I know what you're thinking - black absorbs heat. And sure, I'll give you that one, but as this tee substitutes for a dress, it's so baggy and loose that you'll barely notice. This black also gives a bit of solidity to the outfit, as I've paired it with whites and much lighter tones.

My second choice is a pair of (rather John Lennon-esque) sunglasses. Round-lens glasses are coming back into fashion in full force this summer, and you can pick them up in all sorts of clothes/accessory stores. Love these as they match perfectly with the loose tee!

My third pick is solid perfume (that can be found in Lush stores). All my life I've used liquid perfumes, so I was totally intrigued when I spotted this. After all, who wants runny/sticky perfume on hot summery days? Pop a bit of this on your wrists and neck and you're good to go - without the need to catch it before it runs down your arms or stick around and wait for it to dry! Such a unique idea.

Fourth is a great body butter. These are so lovely to use after showers/baths, a definite go-to product to keep your skin from getting dehydrated in the heat, and so many different scents available!

My fifth choice is a bright, popping lipstick. I've only recently decided to start experimenting with bright colours on my lips (I have Cupid's Bow lips, and although I like the shape of them, I tend to keep the attention on my eyes rather than my lips). Any time I've ever thought of using bright colours on them, I very quickly change my mind and retire to soft pinks and clear lip balms. However, I tried a red lipstick recently and love it! (I'm still working up the courage to wear it publicly and pull it off as well as many of you do!) Any lipstick that applies like a lip butter is a big YES in my book, so this Shu Uemura lipstick is ticking all of the boxes for me. This lipstick will add a gorgeous pop to a monochrome outfit, but if you're not ready for red, opt for a warmer pink/burgundy shade or a coral/orange for a fresh look.

Sixth is a fresh and funky clutch, because who can be bothered with handbags with straps rubbing your shoulders when it's so hot outside? This choice is a tad on the expensive side, but these can be found anywhere! Or alternatively, if you're really creative, you could make your own!

Finally, my seventh choice is a pair of clean white flatforms. Since flatforms came back into fashion, I've been absolutely in love with them and their versatility. I love their chunky simplicity, and sandals are perfect in the sunshine! If these aren't your thing, then be sure to check out some white converse!

I hope you've enjoyed today's post! If not then I do hope it's somehow inspired you for outfits this summer! How are you coping with the heatwave?

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