Sunday, 9 March 2014

Steal Her Style • Marzia Bisognin

Hello everyone! I'm hoping you've all been enjoying your day in the first little bit of glorious sunshine we've had this year (I think we've hit 18 degrees today - total madness for Britain in March). I had a lovely walk back from work through the fields with my boyfriend and his dog, and I'm about to head out to the forest with them again once I'm finished writing this!

Now if you've known me for any length of time, you'll know Winter is my kind of season - the snow, the cuddling with blankets and lots of hot drinks - it's bliss! But once the sun came up this morning, and I noticed the cloudless sky, I couldn't help but feel all excited for Spring (which means my birthday is just around the corner too! It's all very exciting). So, without further ado, today's Spring-themed post is courtesy of the gorgeous Marzia Bisognin and her adorable wardrobe.

1. Bowknot Back Dolly Dress, Chicwish £47 (buy here) 2. Felt Floppy Hat, ASOS, £20 (buy here) 3. Molly T-Bar Flat Shoes, ASOS, £22 (buy here) 4. Fun Spring Garden Light-Up Pens, Geddes, £7.87 (buy here) 5. Oversize Round Glasses, THE ROW, Boutique 1, £272 (buy here) 6. Darling Daisy Pendant Necklace, Forever 21, £3.47 (buy here) 7. Ciate, Fairground Spinning Teacup, Henri Bendel New York, £8.97 (buy here) 8. Puppy Dog Eyes Notebook, Modcloth, On Sale, £4.17 (buy here)

Not sure who Marzia is? Let me explain. Marzia is YouTube's "cutiepie" who specialises in fashion, beauty, decor, cooking and DIY videos... Even the occasional spooky story! Which I love. I must say I first heard about Marzia a while ago having found out about her through my little sister's obsession with Marzia's video game-playing boyfriend, Pewdiepie, I thought I'd subscribed months ago, but it's only recently come to my attention that I hadn't! For shame! If you'd like to check her out for yourself, click here! There's bound to be something on her channel that you'll love.

Marzia's style is so unique, she brings together elements of vintage class with shabby chic pastel colours and some of the most unusual (in the best way!) and adorable and accessories I've ever seen. I'd definitely say her wardrobe is very Spring-oriented. However, if her style is a little too girly for you or just not your cup of tea, then check out her DIY videos (for example, Nutella Cake, Memory Jar, and Bow Seater) or her vlogs.

So if you're super excited for Spring (and the garden parties, country walks, barbecues... and Spring cleaning...) that comes along with it, then be sure to update your wardrobe with some pastel colours and cute patterns, or if you're not looking for that kind of colour commitment, then do what Marzia does - DIY yourself!


  1. She beyond gorgeous right?! Fab post :) x

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