Friday, 19 September 2014

Beauty Confidential

Hello you cheeky lot, today's post is dedicated especially to you make-up junkies out there. I'm coming at you beauty bedevilled bourgeois with some good news, courtesy of the lovely ladies over at House of Fraser, to hopefully brighten up your rather grey and drizzly Friday afternoon.

If you're not too familiar with House of Fraser, they've got a little something for everybody; whether you're into fashion, beauty or lifestyle (which, it seems you might be if you're over here on The British Trend) to lay it out for you, Beauty Confidential encompasses all that is make-up, skin care, and au de toilette. Sound like your cup of tea? Ditto. Want to hear the best news? You get £10 off one of House of Fraser's favourites when you buy one of your favourites

Now when I say "favourites", I'm talking brands such as Urban Decay, Clinique, Origins, Estee Lauder, Kiehls, and Arden (just to name a few) so some pretty sweet brands are featured in this offer. The Beauty Confidential offer is on thirty House of Fraser selected products, so be sure to have a good nose through what's available on their website right here!

I couldn't pass up letting you guys know about this lovely little offer, but this won't be around forever! The official Beauty Confidential dates are from:
Monday 8th September 2014 - Tuesday 23rd Septemeber 2014

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