Thursday, 28 August 2014

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Hello everybody! Let's jump straight into it today with a well-awaited post on, you guessed it, nail polishes! I know I probably owe you some sort of wild crazy excuse as to where I've been for the past month or so, and I'd love to tell you I've been out on some soul-searching, self-healing, once-in-a-lifetime journey somewhere exotic, but alas, I've just been on a little hiatus. It's been pretty self-healing (but sufficiently lacking in golden beaches and cocktails).

If you're following any of my social networking accounts, you may be clued in on my Models Own-related-news already. However, if you're new here (and we're not going to get into where you've been all this time) then I'll round up nice and briefly what happened.

I took a chance and entered into a give awy with Models Own, all you had to do was re-gram a a photo of the products they were giving away and use the hashtags provided - pretty simple, right?

Baring in mind the last thing I won was a game of Pass the Parcel when I was nine years old (the teacher made it land on me because everybody else in the circle won a little prize except for me) I was a completely surprised when I got a notification through from the Models Own team to tell me I'd won two of their new collections. In it to win it, right?

I was so unbelievably happy to hear I'd won the Polish for Tans collection and the Hypergel collection (probably more happy that healthy for some nail polishes - beauty lovers/bloggers out there, you'll know this feeling oh so well). I haven't even had a chance to use them all yet, so I'm not able to do full detailed reviews (but please let me know if you'd like one and I'll see what I can do!) so I'll sum up my first impressions of the products.

The box itself arrived in the post really quickly, I definitely wasn't expecting it to turn up as quickly as it did - which was fab! The box was totally gorgeous, too. No way I'm throwing it out! All of the ten of nail polishes (I know, ten!) came wrapped up carefully in patterned protective tissue and were all in perfect condition.

The colours (from top left to right) are:

Polish for Tans

Beach Bag
Sun Hat
Flip Flop


Searing Pink
Summer Solstice
Purple Glare

As soon as I laid eyes on the Polish for Tans collection, I fell into a deep and consolidating love for them. I mean, let's not beat about the bush here, can we please take a moment for the bright, popping shades?

I've never worn bright polish before, I've never really thought it was my style, but honestly, I was pumped to try these out, and just as predicted, I loved them as much as I thought I would! My two favourite being the green Flip Flop, and the orange Beach Bag (Beach Bag slightly taking the lead). I've never received more compliments on my nails than I have when wearing these two shades. Even my mum kept saying how she loved my orange summery nails! I can't wait to try out the other Polish for Tans colours, but I've done a quick swatch for your viewing pleasure.

Now I'll be the first to say I've honestly not had much experience with gel nail polish, I mean, I hear you have to take courses in the art of gel nail application! Unbeknownst to me when these first arrived, I excitedly opened one and gave it a try. At first I was a little confused as it seemed a little stickier and messier than usual (I have some serious practice in applying nail polish, so I began blaming myself for my shoddy job). But no, as it turns out, they are a slightly more difficult to apply, and I really do think I need a little more practice! So look out for an update when I'm a little better! My favourite colours in this collection have to be the rich pink Sundress and the popping Purple Glare.

(Here you may appreciate this evening's skills in photography editing, or lack there of)
I am so obsessed with these shades, and I feel very lucky to have won these, and they've offered up a great blogging opportunity too! Like I mentioned earlier, you've got to be in it to win it! Models Own have competitions and give aways like this all of the time, so make sure you're subscribed to Models Own on Facebook and Twitter - and most importantly - like them on Instagram (which is where I won the give away)

However, if you've already decided you love what you see, then check out their website (or your local Superdrug) where you can pick up any of the polishes you see here for £4.99 each. Links direct to Polish for Tans / Hypergel here!

I hope this has given you a little insight into Models Own's newer collections (update: there's an even newer collection on store shelves at the moment called Sweet Shop, which smell as good as they look so be sure to check that out too!)

Hope you've all had a lovely summer and you're looking forward to a nice, cosy Autumn!

See you guys soon (look forward to an appearance from another one of my favourite brands of 2014!)

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