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So if you're all caught up with my previous post, you'll already know that on Wednesday 7th May I was invited to a really lovely FASHIONCHICK redesign launch part event (have a nose over here if you'd like to hear more about the event itself) I had a really fabulous time, and I was totally surprised when they had nice goody bags for all of the attendees at the end! Now when somebody says "goody bag" I instantly think of those little plastic bags you were given when you went to a friend's birthday party in school, so for that reason alone the idea of goody bags is a little bit exciting. I haven't had one in years (but I was still equally as shy as I was when I was six-years-old accepting it on my way out)

My plan was to initially wait until I got home to have a look inside the goody bag, so I resisted right up until I got to Euston Station - to find that my train was delayed not only once - but twice. Isn't that just the way it goes!

I may or may not have had a very quick sneaky peek, but for the most part, I managed not to get too carried away and ruin the surprise until I'd got home (at an offensively late 11:30 - and for someone who had work the next morning and had to be on a train to Euston again at 7:30, this really was late)

To put it simply - I was absolutely blown away by what was in the bag. Although if I'm honest, I felt very strange since my birthday had been and gone (as had Christmas), so to be surprised with a little bag of goodies just for attending something was a bit unusual. I know that people in the fashion industry probably receive stuff like this all the time, but I don't know - I guess I found it really humbling and I really appreciate the gesture.

The first thing I really want to talk about is the goody bag itself, I seriously love it! It's a loose, black canvas bag with the FASHIONCHICK logo on the front in white. Now I love the handbag I'm currently using for work (I really love it) but this bag is great to use when I have more to take with me, like my flats when I have to walk through London and my phone charger). It's fab because I can just throw my things in it and not have to route around for too long trying to find them.

I think these loose-style canvas bags are really in at the moment - every girl seems to have at least one! So when I opened my bag to find another cream coloured one, I was loving life. Admittedly, I definitely prefer the black one. But the cream one gives a bit of variation and choice depending on what outfit I'm wearing.

These weren't the only bags I found in the goody bag (bags within bags within bags), I also found a (very) white and neon pink Juicy Couture bag folded up inside! Now, I don't really wear many neon colours, but this Spring I'm starting to explore them a little more - with brighter nails and brighter thin t-shirts paired with black jeans - I just never really thought I was brave enough to take on such bold colours! But it'll be nice to give this bag a try, as it's not "too much". I'd be a little more hesitant if the entire bag was hot neon pink, but as it's just minimal, I think I'll be brave enough to give it a go this week!

I was really blown away by the smaller things in the goody bag - I found the most gorgeous River Island necklace (that I've genuinely worn every day to work since the event, oops!) and I am in love with the FASHIONCHICK's own nail polish I found in my little bag.

Last week, I went back to my family home to see my family, and I went out for dinner and a few drinks with my little sister (who is 18 so apparently I can do these things with her now, promise I'm not an irresponsible big sister!) and because I bought a new black and pink playsuit for my birthday, I was looking for the perfect shade of popping pink nail polish to wear with it. Luckily, my even younger sister had the exact shade I was looking for - so I borrowed it. A few days later when it was so chipped I had no other choice than to take it off - I asked what shade of Barry M nail polish it was (so I could buy it for myself!) ...Only to discover it was a limited edition polish and I couldn't find it anywhere. I digress, when I found this nail polish in my bag - granted it wasn't the same shade - but it was pretty close. It's slightly more of hot orange than a hot pink, but I love it just as much as my sister's Barry M polish! So there you go, a nice long-winded explanation as to why I'm so happy about a nail polish. Welcome to my blog.

Anyway, the last thing in the bag apart from some of the obligatory leaflets was a gorgeous fragrance sample; Moschino Chic Petals. I only own one perfume (Alien by Thierry Mugler), so it was great to explore a new fragrance. I'm normally a little bit picky about which fragrances I use - I'm still looking for my signature scent. But honestly it's a really lovely fragrance, so I'm glad I've got a little sample!

The very last thing I wanted to mention is my midi ring. Although it didn't actually come in the bag (it was given to me by the lovely Lauren of The Girl Who Stole London) I love really simple designs, and my new ring has made it up there with my other two favourites (my topaz ring I got from my mum for my 18th birthday, and my Onyx ring I got from Italy earlier this year). I have never, ever found anything with my name on (literally ever) so I've settled for just my initial which I think works just as nicely. I really love it, and I just hope and pray I never lose it!

I can only apologise for my chipped nails - this was the pink nail polish I was talking about - I just didn't want to take it off until I absolutely had to!

Well that just about covers today's post for FASHIONCHICK's Goody Bag. I know I've nattered on an awful lot today, but hopefully you found it vaguely interesting (I hadn't anticipated this blog post to be so long!) and on final note, I'm really grateful to FASHIONCHICK for the lovely thought. A huge thank you!

See you guys again soon!

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