Saturday, 10 May 2014

Sanctuary Spa • Body Butter Review

Hello everybody! Huge disclaimer: sorry for not updating in so long! It's been one of the most busy and surprising weeks I've ever had - but we'll get more into that in the coming posts. Some super exciting news coming up! I'll be blogging a lot more regularly now my schedule is starting to settle again (I have a huge list of blogs I've got to write up!) To get back on track, today I thought I'd start with a little review. If you haven't already guessed what it is, it's all about Sanctuary Spa's Body Butter!

If you're not familiar with Sanctuary Spa, they're a spa that can be found in the heart of London - Covent Garden. They've been selling their high-quality skin and body care products for years, but I have to admit, I'm relatively new to trying them out.

For Christmas a couple of years ago my mum bought me a box of mini Sanctuary Spa products (Moisturiser, Foaming Bath Soak, Body Scrub and Shower Gel). I hadn't used them for a while, mainly because I never really got around to it, and when I did, I forgot! But since I moved down to London, I've had a chance to route through all of my bath and body bottles and I've given Sanctuary Spa a whirl!

All Sanctuary products seem to have the same scent - a musky oriental, woody scent which is totally recognisable as Sanctuary - no other product smells quite like it. I like unusual fragrances, so this ticked a box for me (albeit Sanctuary isn't my personal favourite scent, but I do like it!) However, I can certainly understand that this might not be your cup of tea if you prefer fruity tones.

Their iconic orange, easy-to-handle packaging is great. Although I've never bought a larger version of any Sanctuary product, I really like the packaging on the smaller products. I travelling around the country a lot as I have family in the West Midlands, so I really like a product I can throw in my wash bag and not have to decide between squeezing it in and risking a spillage or leaving it at home all together!

After trying my older products, I was pleased that I'd given them a good go. They really are worth it! They leave your skin feeling silky smooth, and the fragrance leaves you feeling super chilled out.

About a week ago I received a surprise package from Sanctuary Spa, it was a little pot of their Body Butter! I couldn't wait to give this a try, as the first products I'd tried worked a treat, and I hadn't tried this one yet.

Once I'd showered, I put the Body Butter to good use. Initially, I'd assumed the product would be fairly oily, as it looked thinner than previous products I'd used such as Extracts (see review here). However - again - I was pleasantly surprised! My legs were left instantly smoother (Seriously, I can't stop feeling my shins right now), and the best thing about this product is that it was in no way oily, it dried straight away, which was absolutely amazing as I didn't have to wait around for ages just to get dressed! Revisiting what I'd said about the fragrance, even though Sanctuary Spa's products smell lovely in the bottle, they smell even nicer on your skin as it's more subtle (still sniffing my skin. A little weird? Probably).

Overall, I love Sanctuary Spa's Body Butter, and I honestly don't have any gripes. I have really sensitive skin, so to find a product that works for is fabulous. I've tried a few Sanctuary Spa products now, but the Body Butter is definitely my favourite. So if you're looking to try out some new bath and body products - check out Sanctuary Spa's Body Butter!

Tune in tomorrow for a chat about the new ethical company on the fashion scene - London Ethnic. See you then!


  1. Great review. I haven't used Sanctuary myself but have bought it as presents for others. After reading your blog I think I just might have to treat myself to some of their products, especially the body butter!
    Keep writing :-)

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment. I definitely recommend the Body Butter (even over their other products) but like I mentioned, the scent is very unique and oriental, it's certainly not fruity/zesty and floral like a lot of other body products - so it's worth maybe buying a smaller one first to see if you like it. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my next post when it goes live!