Monday, 19 May 2014

Pulse Exhibition Event

On Monday 12th May, myself and my work gang set off for the Pulse Exhibition Event at Earls Court, London. The Exhibition Event was comprised of various businesses who set up stalls (in what was essentially just a really big hall!) my Fashion PR buddy Chloe and I went off by ourselves to source some little businesses we thought would best suit our company. It was such a fun day! We got to meet so many up-and-coming entrepreneurs with some really wonderfully unique ideas. We only had one rule - we were looking for businesses who made their products in the UK (because as a company, our ethos is; UK-based, ethically sourced products) other than that, we had free reign to decide which ones we liked. These included stalls for Jewellery, Bath and Body, Beauty, Fashion, Stationary, Lifestyle, Homeware etc. Every couple of hours, there were some really insightful talks held for companies like ours with fantastic pointers, hints and tips. I loved my day out at the Pulse Exhibition Event in London! Check out some of the photos from the day below!

See you next time!


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