Monday, 11 February 2013

High Street Disney • Miss Bianca

1. Dorothy Perkins, Ivory Textured Faux Fur Trim Coat, (on sale) £45 (buy here) 2. ModCloth, The Prettiest Pixie Dress, £76.86 (buy here) 3. Debenhams, Pearl and Crystal Clasp Collar Necklace, £15 (buy here) 4. Oliver Bonas, Pearl Wrap Around Bracelet, £19 (buy here) 5. New Look, White Crochet Lace Ankle Strap Court, £29.99 (buy here) 6. Butter London, Molly Coddled Nail Lacquer, £15 (buy here)
It's that time of week again! This week's High Street Disney is designed around a mouse - and I don't mean Minnie, Micky or even Mighty Mouse, I'm talking, of course, about Miss Bianca from 'The Rescuers'! I've decided on this cute little Disney character because her classic, delicate fashion sense is definitely something that caught my eye when I went searching through the Disney character archives.

First and foremost, Bianca is best known for her white-purple colour co-ordination and her taste for fluffy French-Russian inspired coats and cossacks. Although I've not included a cossack in the line-up today, I've found one that would look lovely with this outfit below if it's your taste!

Jane Norman, White Fauz Fur Cossack Hat, £18
(buy here)
As 'The Rescuers' is taken straight out of the 1977 set in a wintery New York, understandably coassacks and fur coats might not be everybody's cup of tea, but this outfit is totally versatile and looks just as pretty with or without these additions.
As we still seem to be in the dead of winter (just checked - it's currently 0° outside and has been snowing on and off all day!) I'm thinking Miss Bianca is a great character to focus on this week. Starting with number one, Dorothy Perkins' Ivory Textured Faux Fur Trim Coat. I've chosen this gorgeous Ivory coat mainly because of it's fur collar (very reminiscent of Miss Bianca!) and because I wanted just the right shade to pair with a lilac-tone purple dress.
Number two is a really pretty pixie dress, I saw this and new instantly that not only did it look amazing, but the colour was almost identical to that of Bianca's outfit.
As a classic touch on this Disney outfit, I've matched a pearl necklace and bracelet and a pair of lovely Lace Ankle Strap Court Shoes, and on closer view of these heels, I noticed the timeless lace pattern. This matches so well with the coat and also adds texture and character to the outfit as a whole.
To top the outfit off, I've chosen a lilac shade of Butter London Nail Lacquer to pair with the Pixie Dress. I love Butter London Nail Lacquer as there are so many different shades to choose from, and there's always a shade to match your outfit of choice.

So here it is, a classic, feminine outfit designed for evenings out or even weddings, with inspiration taken from Disney's Miss Bianca.

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