Friday, 22 February 2013

Top Spot of the Week • OASIS Millie Skater Skirt

OASIS, Millie Skater Skirt, £35 (buy here)

For this week's Top Spot, I've chosen this gorgeous navy blue Millie Skater Skirt from Oasis. This caught my eye due to its unique, vintage style (not to mention it's such a versatile colour and the brown belt to match is so cute!)
Regretfully, we're still not quite into our summer wardrobes just yet, but this skirt (or those similar) paired with some black tights will work wonders for both a fashionable statements and keeping yourself warm (I recommend somewhere along the lines of 15 denier tights. I used to avoid this thickness, however lately I've totally warmed up to them! They'll also match beautifully with this vintage skirt)

This Millie Skater Skirt would look lovely paired with a white collar shirt, a matching (in this case navy) cardigan and some (preferably) brown or tan Brogues shoes to intensify the colour of the belt, make it pop and bring the outfit together.

A vintage-themed Top Spot of the Week!

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