Sunday, 5 January 2014

High Street Disney • Frozen

Over the Christmas break, I went to go and see Disney's new movie, 'Frozen' with my younger sisters. Now I'm not ashamed to say I've always been a Disney nerd. I may be pushing 22, but I think Disney has been one of the most consistent, wonderful things in my life. Times are changing though, and unfortunately Disney films aren't what they used to be. Although I've never disliked a Disney film, I began to feel a little put-off by how they're all computer animated now - nothing like your classic oldies like 'Snow White' and 'Cinderella', but anyway, I gave Frozen a shot - and prepared myself to feel a little underwhelmed.

To cut a long story short - I was wrong. Oh man, was I wrong.

I loved this movie, I laughed, I cried... it was just stunning for lack of a better word! (I might add, if you're a bloke and your girlfriend is begging you to see this movie with her, do prepare yourself for a lot of singing).

It was one of those cases where you really don't mind being wrong. Mind, don't throw away any preconceptions you have about Disney because let me tell you there's a lot of singing, a lot of googly-eyes, and of course, an inanimate object with a musical number. I digress, this movie inspired me so much - I just had to do a High Street Disney post just for you! So, like me, if you love a bit of Disney, and if you'd like to inject a bit of Disney magic into your wardrobe - then here's an 'Elsa' inspired outfit just for you!

1. House of Fraser, Coast, Sadie Maxi Dress, £175 (buy here) 2. Debenhams, Van Peterson 925, Designer Silver Crystal Bracelet, on sale £24 (buy here) 3.  Fashion Union, Chantelle Silver Diamonte Platform Heel Shoe, on sale £10 (buy here) 4. Debenhams, John Richard, Silver Crystal Izzy Tiara, on sale £20 (buy here)

A bit too pricey? No worries! Get this look for less:

• New Look, Agenda Silver Sparkle Finish Bandeau Wrap Dress, £9 (buy here)
• Blue Fly, Taylor Light Blue Ribbed Cotton Blend Sleeveless Racerback Dress, £29.33 (buy here)
• Topshop, Love, Cold Shoulder Dress, £32 (buy here)
• FarFetch, Von Vonni, Victoria Dress, on sale, £120 (buy here)

Personally, I'm loving these colours as they're so versatile. Mix-and-match blues, silvers, greys and whites to create a look that suits you and you're comfortable with to create a flawless, elegant 'Ice Queen' inspired outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this evening's High Street Disney post, and I really do hope it's inspired you! If not, go and see the movie anyway - it's fab!

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