Monday, 6 January 2014


Since I started my blog, my go-to fashion related website has always been Polyvore - if you're not familiar with what Polyvore is, then please let me enlighten you because it just might change your online-shopping-experience for life. (Just as a disclaimer: I'm not sponsored by Polyvore, or being paid by them in any way - I just really wanted to have a chat to you about it!) So to start off, here are just a few reasons why Polvore is fabulous:

  • You can have a peak at all the up-coming trends
  • Have an idea of what you want, but don't know where to look? Just type it in and get hundreds of results!
  • Create your own looks
  • Follow people who's style you love
  • Shop for clothes, accessories, make-up, interior - the list goes on!

It really is great, and has been a massive help for me personally when I'm putting together posts like High Street Disney and Style This Saturday. So if you're really into beauty and fashion, this website is totally ideal. Just thought I'd share that! If you're interested in Polyvore and fancy having a nose about, then check out my page here! Thanks!

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