Sunday, 16 February 2014

BAFTAs with Brangelina

It’s that time of year again! The BAFTAs are in full swing (currently on my television as I write this!) and along with that, so are the fashion-hungry press – but who has already stood out beyond anybody else? The BAFTAs aren’t even over, and already a certain celeb couple are snapping up all the headlines. If you love movies, television, or you’re just in it for the glittering gowns and the gorgeous actors – there’s something for everyone at the BAFTAs. But when our favourite celeb couple of all time, Brangelina, turned up this evening, all eyes were on them (Well, more so Angie).


Last year Angelina Jolie stunned us with a shimming grey-stone dress, and lest we forget the gorgeous slinky black number broken with lemon slashes she wowed us with in 2011. This year? Well, this year Angie has seemingly opted for something a little different! When Brangelina stepped out on to the red carpet this evening, instead of a suit and a dress, we were surprised to be greeted by two suits!

This year Angelina opted for a blazer, black trousers, belt, and shirt complete with an untied bow tie! It may have come as somewhat of a surprise as Angelina always nails it with her dress choices for events, but why shouldn't super hot Angie wear a relaxed suit? She pulls the look off perfectly! So what do you think about Angelina’s outfit of choice at this year’s BAFTA’s? Super sexy style, or fashion faux pas?

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