Thursday, 6 February 2014

V and Wonderland Magazine

I was recently on the hunt for new fashion magazines. I know what you're thinking - a fashion magazine is a a fashion magazine, right? How different can they all really be? To an extent, I guess you're right, they're all there to, well, show off some lovely clothes and products! But I think it's a little bit more than just that. I like a magazine to be a bit... Artsy. I like them to have their own unique style. I think it's really important for a magazine to have a totally individual cover, because that's what gets you your buyers! Come for the cover, stay for the content. I mean, take a nose at V Magazine - have you ever seen a cover like it? Me neither, the use of colour is for sure 60's inspired, and I'm loving the chunky 'V' that covers the entire space, it's so unusual as normally something to this effect would obstruct the model and advertisements of the content, but they totally get away with it! Love it. 



Pretty swanky huh? So lately I've been looking for more crazy cool designs like these. I didn't think I'd come across a design I love as much as V Magazine, but lo and behold I actually have! It's called Wonderland Magazine, and once again, I'm in awe (doesn't take much when it comes to fashion and beauty, does it!) I first heard about Wonderland when I discovered that one of my favs, Emma Watson, was featuring on the cover/in the mag over the next coming month. So naturally, I was always going to check it out.

I'm loving how Wonderland are incorporating a strong 70's mag vibe, with (particularly in the first image) a 50's inspired up-do and dress on Emma. The use of one individual colour backdrop gives us a bit of a blast into the past - which a lot of magazines here in 2014 really aren't doing. I absolutely love the style, so I definitely think they're going a step in the right direction, especially as I hadn't heard of them before this fabulous Emma-Old-Style-Fashion ensemble came along! Big up Wonderland Mag! I'm also really feeling the second cover. It's different to the first in the way that the style is definitely more our era, but it's for sure still kept a hold of it's vintage flare. So here's a peek at the photos inside!

Possibly my favourite photo of the collection, first of all I'm in love with the pastel background (does it remind anyone else of having your photo taken as a kid?) I also really like the outfit choice for Emma here, certainly French-Student inspired. Add that with flawless make-up and there you have it!


Disney Princess anyone? I'm thinking Emma could sure pass for the next Disney Princess in these photos, the deep blue and gold colours alone scream "royalty!" and the gorgeous tiara pulls the look together. Loving it!


Who here loves Douglas Booth? Yeah, he's in it too. I could sit here and bang on about the pretty pinks and blues and Emma's stunning hair... But I know what you're really here for. And that's okay. You carry on.

Final photo I've got for you, and we're ending it with a bang. The colour theme for this photo shoot has been incredible, subtle pink, blue and purple tones with vibrant yellows running throughout - totally beautiful. I'm so happy I found this magazine, as it's already shot right up there with my new favourite magazines! Vintage styles crossed with bright, modern colours and chunky designs are definitely in this season. 2014 is certainly looking to be a year of fabulous form.

If you want to know where I got these lovely photos, give them a click! They'll take you straight to the websites, and if you'd like to see more of V Magazine here are their Facebook and Twitter, and likewise with Wonderland Magazine, Facebook and Twitter are linked! I hope you've enjoyed today's (rather lengthy) post, I just couldn't resist having a chat about this photo shoot and some of the gorgeous magazines that have recently caught my eye. Until next time!


  1. Emma is so stunning! I seriously want a print of that first photograph :) x

    1. Absolutely - she's a style icon! All of the photographs from her feature in Wonderland Magazine were fabulous x