Saturday, 1 February 2014

Fabulous February (She Loves Green Tea)

Hello! Remember me? Now, I know we haven't seen each other since last month - and I apologise - but I've recently got myself a job (I know!) and I've had a lot to sort out. I haven't exactly had much inspiration lately either to say the least, but don't worry I'm here and I think we can work through this if you let me. Starting here. Welcome to Fabulous February! I hope you had a lovely January and didn't work yourself too hard getting rid of any Christmas weight you may or may not have gained throughout December. If your little bit of Christmas weight has now become your little bit of extra weight - I feel ya.

On to today's post! It's the 1st of February... Which means; Valentines Day, Pancake Day, The Brits, Lent, and Kissing Friday. I think that makes February pretty fabulous if you ask me. But shocker! I'm poorly. Of course I am. So the post I've put together today is a cheap, cheerful and cosy outfit is put together because it sure would aid how I feel right now - which ironically, is absolutely not fabulous. 

1. Monki, Annie Knitted Top, £29 (buy here) 2. UNIQLO, Women's Fleece Socks (Stripe), £5.90 (buy here) 3. Forever 21, Layered Skinny Workout Leggings, On Sale, £9.27 (buy here) 4. House of Fraser, Linea White Knitted Hot Water Bottle, On Sale, £7 (buy here) 5. Indigo, She Loves Green Tea Mug (buy here) 6. EOS, Smooth Sphere Lip Salve Honeysuckle Honeydew, £5.99 (buy here) 7. Barneys, Morgan Collection Isle of Aran Throw, On Sale, £325 (buy here)

Comfy. Cosy. Cute. I don't know about you, but I think I'd be feeling a little bit more "fabulous" than I currently am if I had this collection to my name!

(Side note: you don't have to love Green Tea to use the mug, it's not even a preference)

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