Monday, 21 January 2013

High Street Disney • Aladdin

As I type this I'm looking out of my window on to a snow covered street (still!) I think it's safe to say it's definitely the weather for big jumpers, copious amounts of soup and lots of Disney movies. As I pulled out my ever-growing Disney DVD collection, the thought raced through my mind "You're never too old for Disney!" I reminisce the days when I little, putting on a pink dress, combing my hair and wearing my sparkly jelly sandals. Okay, maybe I'm a little too old to do that now... But if you're anything like me and Disney-mad, who says your fashion sense can't be influenced by it? I'm not talking crazy black and white hair or extravagant ballgowns, I'm talking sleek, stylised and simplistic takes on some of our favourite Disney characters. So sit back, get comfortable, have a think about which Disney classic is going in the DVD player next, and have a nose at my first outfit design.

Now being born in 1992, not only does this make me (the grand old age of) 20, but this also means that the Disney movie released when I was born was Aladdin - unsurprisingly one of my all time favourites. So which better Disney movie to make a start on? Here I've designed a contemporary, classic, smart outfit design taking inspiration from the character Aladdin, enjoy!

1. New Look, Cream Floral Lace T-Shirt. £9.99 (buy here) 2. Beloved, Plum Berlin Blazer, £22.50 (buy here) 3. TopShop, Moto White Jamie Jeans, £40 (buy here) 4. New Look, Cream Snake Print Platform Court Shoes, £24.99 (buy here) 5. Accessorize, Tsar Stone Ring, £12 (buy here)

Here I've taken into consideration how the costume for Aladdin has been created. Although he's certainly only a cartoon character, I found I could definitely work with his simplistic costume design, taking note of the bold colouring against neutral tones. 

Starting with a skin-tone, beiche top, I've opted for a classic lace pattern to bring it out behind the dark purple blazer. This would work equally as well with a sequin or subtly pattern top of similar colouring.
Now as we know, Aladdin is set in the sandy deserts of the Middle-East, so his clothing is minimal to say the least. Like I mentioned earlier, and if you're reading this from England, we're all snowed in! So I wouldn't advise leaving the house without a subtle jacket, which is exactly where our Plum blazer comes in. Matching perfectly with the colour of Aladdin's waistcoat. With added detailed collar design to add a touch of elegance. 

As Aladdin's baggy white trousers aren't quite in season (or fashion!) I've chosen a pair of simple yet classic white skinny jeans. These will make the purple elements of the outfit pop, without merging too much with the creamy beiche tones.
To follow up, I've added a pair of gorgeous cream platform heels to match with the top, and to keep the colouring consistent (not to mention Aladdin was barefoot, but please don't brave going outside with nothing on your feet in the name of Disney!) If these shoes aren't your thing, then pair of purple heels or (if you're not comfortable in heels) then beiche or purple brogues would look just as great.

For the finishing touch, a simple gold and purple ring to couple with the blazer, straight from the Cave of Wonders, and if you're not sure what that is, I recommend you put Aladdin in the DVD player first if you're still trying to decide!

There we have it, my first Disney inspired outfit design. I've definitely enjoyed putting this one together, so look out for some more in the future!

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