Saturday, 19 January 2013

Style This Saturday • Cream Popcorn Knit Oversize Jumper

1. New Look, Cream Popcorn Knit Oversize Jumper, £24.99 (buy here) 2. TopShop, Moto Grey Cast Clean Denim, £30 (buy here) 3. TopShop, Wax Coated Denim Leggings, £25 (buy here) 4. New Look, Rocket Dog Mint Black Short Buckle Boots, £54.99 (buy here) 5. Butter London, Lady Muck Nail Lacquer, £13 (buy here)

So, we're now half way through January and we should be looking forward to spring and sorting through our masses of winter jumpers, coats and jeans to find our pretty, slinky summer outfits. But nay, this cannot be. I mean, unless you've been under a rock (or wrapped up in a duvet with some hot choccy and movies - of which I'm extremely jealous!) you'll have noticed that dreaded, slushy, icy snow is back with full force. Looks like we're not quite out of winter yet, ladies. But just because the weather is dull and boring right now, doesn't mean we have to be! You can be warm and stylish at the same time. Which sounds like nonsense to me right now as I'm having flashbacks of dragging my feet through the snow with my biggest coat on, red-faced and donning my ever glorious wind-swept hair. But I'm serious, girls. Here I've put together a pretty, simple and most importantly super cosy outfit for these cold wintery days.

So, how do you style a big oversize jumper? Well, keep it simple of course! Less is more when it comes to this little number. This knit sweater is an absolutely gorgeous colour with a subtle, knitted pattern, and will compliment any hair colour. To match, I've gone with a long denim jacket. This works on layering, while also looking totally gorgeous, showing a little blue collar.
The leggings I've chosen are wax coated denim. (I can hear you gasping 'double denim!?') but  hold your horses, as these are waxed denim, you won't get that must-be-avoided double denim look. They're definitely more like a thicker casual style of leggings. As these are also non-patterned, they'll match perfectly with the patterned jumper.
Now we're talking suitable shoes. The worst feeling when out in the snow is feeling your shoes leaking and your socks getting wet! So sort yourself out with some thick, comfy boots! These will look great against the leggings while also keeping you warm.
The final touch? Nail polish! If your nails are looking a little worse for wear, there's nothing wrong with covering them up with a bit of pretty polish. Here I've chosen a sleek, classic vintage shade (almost a pastel tone) to compliment the blue of the denim jacket, and play off the cream jumper.

So don't worry, there's always a way to look good and keep cosy when you're out and about... That's if you're brave enough to leave the duvet and face the snow!

How would you style an oversize jumper?

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