Thursday, 31 January 2013

Work Wear Haul

Today has been great - shopping in town with Billy! I recently confirmed a work experience placement at a magazine firm, designing layouts for their two magazines. I'm so excited for it, and of course, every girl needs some smart, cute office clothes, so it's the perfect excuse for a little work wear shopping haul. So I hit the streets of my local town ready for a day out shopping, it's been a while since I've attacked my bank card to buy clothes for myself! So here's a quick show of what I bought today.

Atmosphere, Primark, Navy Blazer £7
I absolutely adore the blazer look - no matter what colour! As I'm on a bit of a budget (being a student and all!) I thought I'd hit Primark first for as many high-street priced items I could find before blowing all my money in shops such as New Look, TopShop and River Island. This navy blazer is just as lovely as one you'd find in more expensive shops, but for a more affordable cost. This particular blazer was knocked down from £15 to £7 when I found it.

Atmosphere,  Primark, Wine Dress, £13
I initially picked up this dress because of the colour, it's a rich burgundy shade and the patterns make it even lovelier. I don't normally opt for dresses with a close neck and no sleeves, but once I gave this dress a chance and tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised! When paired with the blazer (above) I loved it even more. This dress also came with a thin black belt, which can be removed, but looks cute either way.

Atmosphere, Primark, Black Short-Sleeved Shirt, £6
This one doesn't need much of an explanation! As I already own a white short-sleeved shirt, I've opted for a black one to match. This shirt looks smart and well-fitted and is completely versatile, so can be worn with either trousers or a skirt.

Atmosphere, Primark, Wine Long Cardigan, £10
Although I hadn't aimed to buy a cardigan today, when I saw this I immediately loved it. It's such a warm colour and would look great with a smart shirt. Ideal for the season too!

New Look, Black BTS Pencil Skirt, £12.99
I've wanted to get my hands on a pencil skirt for so long now, but I've never found the right one for me. I have quite short legs, so any pencil skirt on me looks almost dress-like! That was, until I found this one in New Look today. Looks great with a pair of work heels and black tights! Love this purchase.

Primark, Black Pumps Heels, £10
Okay, so admittedly I already own lots and lots of pairs of shoes, but name a girl who doesn't! All the heels I own are too high or simply just unsuitable for office work, so I've chosen some sensible, really cute heels from Primark. I absolutely love them, and they have an almost velvety feel to them. Comfortable and practical!

So that concludes my work wear haul! But alright, I'll be honest and say it didn't really stop there. I couldn't help but buy two more things (just for casual wear) so I'll show you what else I picked up along the way!

New Look, Green Lucky Tee, £7.99
So I saw this and fell in love! Which is unusual, as I don't own a t-shirt much like this one. As soon as I saw this, it brought the phrase "luck of the Irish" to mind, which is apt, as I'm part Irish... Even though I'm not all that lucky (this shirt could change that though, right?) this loose top is so comfortable and casual and great for days at university or days out in the town.

New Look, Purple Aztec Hem tee, £5
First thing first, this top is so comfortable! I wasn't sure whether or not to buy this top, I'd put it down and picked it back up again about four times before I finally decided to buy it! For some reason I just couldn't put it down. The pattern is so lovely and I found it complimented my dark hair colour nicely. This top would look great with some dark leggings and lots of chunky accessories. It was on sale too, as it had been knocked down from £9.99 to only £5! Again, great for casual days.

There we have it, a little bit of a mix up of styles for this haul! I've had a lovely day and now feel (almost!) ready for my work experience. I think next time I'm in town, I'll look into buying some smart skinny black trousers, as the ones in stores today weren't in my size. Can't wait to mix-and-match with my new clothes!

So what's your take on a suitable office/work outfit?

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