Thursday, 24 January 2013

Outfit Snippet

1. New Look, Grey and White Chiffon Collar Layered Top, £6 (buy here) 2. New Look, Burgundy Skinny Jeans (buy here) 3. New Look, Blue Flecked Boyfriend Cardigan (buy similar) 4. New Look, Black Eyelet Lace Shoes (buy similar) 5. My Glasses 6. Gold and Brown Strap Classic Watch (buy similar) 7. Psyche, Pilgrim Women's Gold Rose Gold Heart Stud Earrings, £6.99 (buy similar)

So at the moment I'm packing for a long weekend away in Liverpool with my boyfriend, and I'm so excited! I don't think I've been to Liverpool before so this will definitely be something new, and now all of my exams and all my deadlines are met, I can finally spend a stress-free weekend away taking some time off! As I won't be posting much over the weekend, I thought I'd do an 'outfit snippet' post, showing one if the outfits I've put together for a chilly day up north...

First with number one, I've started with a grey short-sleeved shirt, this is a layered shirt (as it's really made up of two shirts) and has a cute little collar. There are buttons on the opposite side of the collar in order to loosen or shape it around your neck. Personally, I love the look of collars so I'll be wearing this shirt with the buttons done up.

I've opted for some coloured burgundy jeans as these are guaranteed to keep my legs warm while out walking, and also bring a pop of colour to the outfit. I'll tuck the under (white) part of the shirt into these jeans in order to keep the cold out.

To pair with the burgundy jeans, I've chosen a flecked blue boyfriend cardigan. I'm absolutely in love with this cardigan at the the moment, as it's so warm, thicker around the neck and the colours are really lovely. Although this is primarily a blue cardigan, it has multi-coloured flecks in the pattern, which is ideal and brings out any colouring you choose to pair with it. For example, the burgundy flecks in the cardigan will co-ordinate with the burgundy of the jeans. Love it!

For number four, I've chosen to go with some comfortable black lace-up flats (it was a toss up between those shoes and these, which are my favourite shoes to wear at the moment - it was difficult for me not to choose those as they're so comfortable and weather appropriate!) however, these lace-up shoes are subtle and won't look too out-of-place as I've opted for darker shades, and I also have dark hair which will help the shades blend and won't clash.

Now for accessories, and although my prescription glasses aren't accessories I still enjoy wearing them (not to mention how much they help me see!) moving on, I've chosen my dark brown watch (to match my hair) which I love as it has a vintage classic face and is a lovely old golden colour, and to pair with this I've chosen simplistic yet pretty golden heart earrings, because after all, we don't want hoops or dangling earrings getting in the way as it may be quite windy!

So there we have it, a quick and pretty but warm and appropriate outfit I've put together for a cold day up north. I love how cosy this outfit is (as well as my other outfits for the weekend) and can't wait to wear them. Now all that's left to do is pack a few final things and look forward to it. I'll keep you posted!

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