Friday, 1 February 2013

The Perfect Match

1. Dorothy Perkins, Frosted Coral Stone Round Studs, £5 (buy here) 2. TopShop, Crochet Crop Vest, £22 (buy here3. Boohoo, Hally Skinny Fit Jeans Coral, £32 (buy here)
Today I thought I'd put together a perfect match outfit using two main items (and I've thrown in a cute pair of earrings that I felt I just couldn't leave out!) I know it's not quite Summer yet, and this doesn't really count as wishful thinking as I absolutely love winter, however I just love the summery colour combination in this clear and bright outfit. Anything Coral and I'm there. I've always loved skinny fit jeans, as this matches perfectly with white, beiche and sandy tones. As a whole, Coral shades suit brunettes and blondes more specifically - so if you've already got bright, unique hair such as pink, blue, green etc I recommend you pair this white crochet vest with jeans matching the colour of your hair. White vests and tops are really lovely and give such a fresh feel to any outfit, so paired with a more colourful statement it becomes the perfect balance of subtle and bold. (An over-sized baggy white or tan tee would also look great with these jeans).
To add a finishing touch to this quick, cute outfit, I've added a pair of Coral stone earrings, simple, effective, and ties the whole outfit in. Regarding shoes, I'd definitely opt for sandy or nude heels, or flats if you're looking for a more casual approach.

What's your favourite colour to match with a white tee?

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