Saturday, 2 February 2013

Alberto Balsam • Style This Saturday

Superdrug, Alberto Balsam - Coconut & Lychee and Strawberries & Cream, 2 for £1.79 or 99p each (buy here)
I thought it was about time I made a post about my absolute #1 hair product. I hold this product above any hairspray, any conditioning oil, and any other shampoo I've ever used. Now don't get me wrong, I'm definitely a lover of products such as Herbal Essences and Head & Shoulders, but there's just something special about Alberto Balsam. I've been using it now for nearly 3 years and I adore it. Not only is it within budget, but it's so lovely. I used to use other Alberto Balsam fragrances such as Juicy Green Apple, Tea Tree Tingle and Sun Kissed Raspberry (which I also recommend) but since I found Strawberries and Cream and Coconut and Lychee, I've found the ones I think I'll be sticking with! As legend tells it, I once went over to Billy's house and he only had Alberto Balsam Strawberries and Cream to use, to which I obviously cracked a joke about how feminine it sounds. I'd been using Alberto Balsam for a long time before this, but was never really blown away by the scents (although they were very nice, nothing really caught me) When I thought this Strawberries and Cream shampoo, I expected it to smell pretty weak like most hair products that claim to have a scent, but regardless, I'd never tried it before so I thought 'what the heck' and used it. Best shampoo I'd ever used. It smelt amazing, and so did the bathroom once I'd finished in the shower! I just had to buy some for myself. I've been restocking ever since, it's all I've been using!

However, I was in town the other day in Superdrug, about to stock up on some more, when I noticed Alberto Balsam Coconut and Lychee. I'd never tried it before, so even though I'm loyal to Strawberries and Cream, I picked some up anyway as it smelt really nice from what I could smell when I opened the cap - not to mention I'm mad about coconut.
Last night I thought I'd give it a try. Again, it smelt incredible. Now this particular type of Alberto Balsam conditioner claims to aid detangle hair (yeah, right, just like every hair product) but I'll be honest and say it really does what it says on the bottle! As my hair is curly, it tends to get tangled quite easily, despite how often it's brushed - and I always bring a hairbrush into the shower with me. Once I'd applied the conditioner and brushed my hair through, it so much easier and smoother! Once out the shower, I quickly towel dried to take the heaviness out of my hair, then I blow-dried with the setting on the coolest temperature. Once I was all finished, my hair smelt lovely (as did my room!) my hair felt soft and sleek but still had body. Even now, verging on late afternoon the next day, my hair still feels soft and smells amazing (I keep smelling it!) 

So I definitely recommend all of Alberto Balsam's shampoos and conditioners, but Strawberries & Cream and Coconut & Lychee are my all time favourites. I can't imagine I'll ever stop using them!

What's your favourite hair product to use?

1.  Tilly's, Full Tilt, Lace Tie Front Womens' Top, Mint, £7.56 (buy here) 2. Style Tread, Audrey Mint,  Mint, £13 (buy here) 3. Windsor,  Gold/Mint Side Cross Rhinestone Bracelet, £5.62 (buy here) 4. Nelly, Cheap Monday Tight Spring White, White, £42.95 (buy here)
Today I thought I'd style a cute, fresh Mint tee. Mint is one of those colours that only matches with whites, creams, beiche and sandy tones, so baring that in mind it's pretty easy to style. This outfit is a Spring outfit perfect for days out shopping, going out for a meal or for barbeque parties. It's a pretty versatile, smart-casual outfit. I adore tie front tees as they keep a loose body but add a nice shape at the the waist. The delicate pattern on this top really makes it pop, and against the clear white high-waisted skinny jeans, it adds a beautiful, graceful feel.
To pair with the Mint top, I've opted for a casual pair of Mint flats as, let's face it, they're so comfortable and easy to walk in! Heels can be worn with this outfit instead for an evening look too. As this is a delicate tee, I've chosen a delicate Mint bracelet to match. I haven't chosen a necklace with this outfit as the top is patterned and the necklace may get lost among it, although a long white necklace would stand out and also match with the jeans - it's a matter of personal taste!
I'm really loving this fresh, Spring style outfit, and can't wait to experiment with white jeans and block colours/accessories once it starts to get a little warmer outside!

What's your favourite colour to match with white jeans?

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