Sunday, 3 February 2013

Week in Photos No.1

My new favourite tee / Yankee Candle Creamy Caramel tealight / the gorgeous pink tulips Billy bought for me / My best friend, Barney / The snow began to clear up earlier this week / fairy lights around the headboard / My favourite hair product - I'm coconutty! / My desk / Yummy Weightwatchers Coconut Slices and Carrot Cake Slices / Flyers for Brit Floyd PULSE and Richard Thompson I collected at The Classic Rock Show in Liverpool / Barney loves cushions and pillows! / My ever-growing candle collection / Tango fizzy orange chocolate bar, surprisingly yummy / The films Billy and I watched this week (unintentionally fairy-tale themed!) / Lovely Yankee Candle Tealights - Creamy Caramel and Christmas Cookie / Pretty fairy lights on a bare tree in town / My family's idea of a joke, apparently this is what I look like with my glasses on!

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