Monday, 4 February 2013

High Street Disney • Alice in Wonderland

So today marked the day that my final semester at university began, so I've been pretty busy with my work already, not to mention this is the first time I've been up before 9 since I went to Liverpool, so that alone was pretty difficult! Today I thought I'd take on another High Street Disney outfit design. I absolutely love designing these outfits, so here we go with our High Street Disney No.2!

1. Fashion Union, Blue Bandeau Peplum Dress, On Sale £21 (buy here) 2. AX Paris Cream Faux Suede Platform Shoe, £32.99 (buy here) 3. Lipsy, Lipsy Shimmer Flower Ring, £10 (buy here) 4. Vicenza, Debenhams, Cream Beaded Diamant Bow Alice Band, On Sale £6.40 (buy here)
Alice in Wonderland was one of my all time favourites when I was young (that being said, I can't think of a Disney film I wouldn't class as a favourite!) so here I've put together a simple evening outfit inspired by Alice and her little blue frock.

As you can probably tell, there's rather a difference between Alice's cute vintage pinny and this sparkly number. However, I've chosen this dress because it brings a contemporary, fun twist to the original - taking it out of 1951 and straight into 2013. I love this dress as I'm a big fan of anything with sparkles, however if glitter isn't for you, perhaps opt for an elegant clear royal blue.
Now don't worry, you don't need to walk around with a white apron on to keep this Disney-inspired, let's leave that to the real Alice. Here I've chosen some clean white platform heels with a matching-coloured hairband and ring (if heels aren't right for you, then this outfit would look just as lovely with some clean white flats).
Now I wouldn't feel right putting together an Alice outfit without the infamous hair bow, but here I've kept it small and sweet as a cute side hair band. I'm absolutely in love with the ring I've chosen out from Debenhams - this fits in perfectly with the theme and brings me right back to watching Alice singing with the flowers on a golden afternoon.

There we have it, an Alice in Wonderland inspired High Street Disney outfit. I'm loving the colours, and this was so simple to put together.

An effective evening outfit with a classic and simple Disney twist.

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