Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Models Own • Review

My new nail polishes have finally arrived in the post, and I'm so excited! I was recently going through my nail polishes, and I've got such a mismatch collection, whether it's Rimmel, Avon or Barry M, I love them all, but my colours are quite dull by now, and I haven't bought any new nail polish in so long - I thought I'd stock up a little more on Models Own, as I absolutely love this brand.

1. Models Own, Becca's Brown, No.097, £5 (buy here) 2. Models Own, Nyla Nude, No.113, £5 (buy here) 3. Models Own, Pink Blush, No.037, £5 (buy here) - Buy 3 save £3!

Becca's Brown is one of the Models Own nail polishes that arrived in the post today - and it's absolutely gorgeous! I've always wanted a brown tone nail polish, as I'm brunette, brown polish would coordinate really nicely. This particular shade is so pretty, when I first applied it, it reminded me of a creamy chocolate ice-cream colour - a vintage tone with a pastel purple-y undertone in some lights. Although it sounds unusual, it's certainly unique and subtle. This is a colour that suits almost anything casual you decide to wear, especially if you're brunette. I found it easy to apply, as long as I applied it slowly and waited around 5-10 minutes between coats (I recommend only 2 coats). I rate this nail polish a solid 9/10.

I've had Nyla Nude Models Own nail polish now for around a year, so this is the older nail polish of the three (but is still available in stores such as Superdrug and Boots, and online). A nude shade nail polish is an absolute staple for my collection, it's ideal for those days you don't feel like a bright purple or a glitter polish, or for when you can't decide and just feel like using a subtle colour. It's such a versatile shade and definitely one I refer back to often. As for appliance, it's obviously the same as all of this brand! If I could change these products, I'd definitely adjust the brush to an easy-appliance brush. This nail polish scores a 8/10.

As far as pink nail polishes go, this Models Own Pink Blush polish is definitely up there with the elite. This polish (along with Becca's Brown) arrived in the post today, so despite my searching online to get a feel for exactly what shade of pink this would turn out to be, I wasn't 100% sure what to expect, although I had thought that it would sway more towards a lighter, pastel colour. It's still very pretty regardless, it's definitely a pop of colour and would stand out even with a single coat, however if you wanted to jazz this up even further, add a coat or two of clear glitter polish. This polish scores another 8/10

Here is an example of how my current nail polish, Becca's Brown looks once applied (Okay, I know, the quality of this photograph isn't fantastic) but this gives a bit more of a feel of how it looks. I definitely recommend all of these nail polishes, they're such pretty, unique and versatile shades - and I can't wait to expand my collection even further! Love them!

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